Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Brief Bio (resume is included within)

In my career in IT, I have filled many roles. From my days as a programmer, then a programmer/analyst and a team lead, I learned the methodologies of software development.

More recently, my time as a technical services manager has allowed me the chance to learn how to manage people, tasks, and resources in a way which came as close as possible to making everyone happy.

The secret to keeping a technical support team motivated and engaged is not really a secret: all it takes is passion and a willingness to listen. By hearing what the folks on my team wanted to do as they moved ahead in their own careers, I was able to offer them assignments which were both interesting and challenging.

By empowering the team to do more of the things they liked to do--and knowing everyone was going to share those tasks which no one was enthused to be doing--I was able to offer the company the best level of service possible. Competent people doing their best. That's all you can ask for from a support team.

Please have a look at my resume, which is linked above. If you would like to know more, contact info is included as part of that document.

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